Jerry and Vicky Love were called for service in Mexico in June, 1977. Following their initial language study, the Loves found their ministry in the evangelism/outreach work first in Mexico City, and later in Reynosa and Monterrey in the North.

This term has found the Loves two hours southeast of Mexico City in beautiful Puebla, Mexico's fourth largest city. With raising up a new Covenant church as their major challenge, Jerry has been developing relationships among the "Poblanos", engaging in discipleship encounters with the men, conducting home Bible studies, teaching in various settings, and preaching regularly at Sunday meetings of the infant Covenant Church. He also serves the new work and the mission in technical areas. One of his accomplishments is the web page you are now reading.

In addition to Bible studies and discipleship, Vicky's ministry has included involving Puebla's children in Christmas pageants, organizing and modeling teaching in our Sunday School and local V.B.S., and producing and collating the bulk of materials for 35 Summer Bible Schools in the Central and South Districts of Mexico. She teaches bi-monthly Christian Education workshops, courses in Piano and Music Theory, is developing a six-year cycle of V.B.S. programs, has spoken at conferences and organized children's programs for national events, and has written a segment of the new Covenant Spanish Sunday School curriculum designed by Margie Swenson.

Together they have had the joy of opening up their home and adjacent undeveloped property to many mission and national guests as well as the new Covenant congregation for Sunday services, youth groups, teen and children's camps, and many holiday and church-calendar outreach events for the community. Located across the fence from the University of the Americas, they have sponsored an evangelistic work on that campus with students coming to their home on a regular basis, several taking an active part in the new congregation.

The Loves report: "God's timetable particularly highlights Mexico in this epoch. Since some of the dynamics which make for effective evangelism include: a youthful population, a personal state of insecurity, many inter-personal relationship networks, and major social/political changes, then Mexico is almost over-ripe for Christ to penetrate into the hearts of people as we head into Century 21."

In regard to his call Jerry says, "When I was in high school I began earnestly seeking God's will for my life. One evening God spoke specifically and personally to me about obeying what I already knew to be His will. I repented in tears, rededicated my life to Him, and shortly thereafter He made His call crystal clear." He received his B.A. in Religion from Northwest Nazarene College, and after studies at Nazarene Theological and North Park Seminaries, was finally ordained at the 1985 Covenant Centennial.

Vicky, originally from Oregon, reflects, "I began sensing a possible call in Alaska at age 17 and after asking ministers and missionaries why they had come to the North, during a city-wide revival I signed a decision card pledging myself to full-time Christian service in Mexico or Central America." She took her degree in elementary ed. from Eastern Oregon College, getting librarians' certification from Missouri State College, and a piano teacher's credentials through Sherwood School of Music in Chicago.

The Loves were married in Alaska in 1964. In recent years Vicky published a book, Childless is Not Less, which has been translated into English, Spanish, German and Braille. The Loves spent over two years in voluntary service with Operation Mobilization, a missionary-training organization, serving in Italy, Spain, England, Belgium, and finally Mexico where they met the Evangelical Covenant Church.

The Loves are members of Ravenswood Evangelical Covenant Church in Chicago.

Anniversary: Sep. 19, 1964
Birthdays: Jerry - Nov. 11
Vicky - June 25
Favorite Music: Instrumental and Christian contemporary
Hobbies Jerry: Reading to Vicky, Creating web pages
Hobbies Vicky: Playing piano, listening to Jerry read